SPECIALIST contractors are to carry out a clean-up of “hazardous or human waste” at Poole Park following a recent traveller encampment.

Up to 40 caravans and other vehicles arrived at Poole Park on Tuesday before leaving on Sunday afternoon.

Since the travellers have moved on, residents have complained about the state the park was left in and the foul smell left behind by the travellers.

A video shot by a Poole resident who was running through the park has gone viral as she was seen becoming visibly distressed as she described the mess.

In the video, she said: “I’m shocked. I’m actually like disgusted with what I’ve just seen right now, and I’m really upset.

“A group of travellers have arrived and set up camp on the cricket pitch just opposite and the state of the place is just disgusting.

“There is human (swears) everywhere, toilet paper, the plants are trampled, there’s (swears) floating in the pond.”

Members of Poole Park’s garden team have since been to clear the majority of the rubbish.

Although around a dozen portable toilets were made available to members of the encampment, some travellers were still seen relieving themselves behind bushes and brick buildings

Children were also seen damaging Beryl Bikes left at the park and braking fencing panels around the old pavilion building.

Another Poole resident, who visited Poole Park on Sunday morning said: “I was sat on a bench and a man, who was no more than two metres away from me, pulled down his shorts and squatted.

"I said to the man what are you doing and he started mouthing off to me.

"There was loo paper, or whatever they used to wipe themselves with, being blown across the grass and they were throwing human faeces into the duck pond. It was awful."

The council have been praised for their work in clearing up the park so far but additional services are needed to sanitise the area.

BCP Council Spokesperson said: “We can confirm that the encampment at Poole Park left site on Sunday afternoon.

“Council staff attended the site to secure it and security remains in place for now.

“We have arranged for a specialist contractor to carry out a clean-up of any hazardous or human waste and our Poole Park team are currently removing litter and debris from the site.”