A PORKY pet that has been waiting five years for a forever home has had a twist in his tale as his dream has come true.

Neville the pig, a cross between a Kune Kune pig and a Vietnamese pot bellied pig, has been living at Margaret Green Animal Rescue’s centre in Church Knowle near Swanage since 2015 following being given up by his previous owner for being too big.

Neville arrived at the rescue centre as a piglet and immediately stole the hearts of staff, volunteers and visitors.

Vietnamese potbellied pigs and Kunekune pigs generally grow anywhere from 125 pounds to over 200 pounds, resulting in Neville increasing in size over the years due to his breed.

However, his intelligence also increased.

Neville is renowned for his ability to perform impressive tricks, encouraged by Margaret Green staff and volunteers who have had to teach him a variety of tricks to keep him occupied and his brain stimulated.

The porky performer learnt to respond to clicker training, could sit, spin around and weave between his carers legs.

Despite Neville's impressive ability to entertain and learn, the rescue centre were concerned that the right home may not make itself known any time soon.

But after five years of searching, Neville was finally offered an ideal home with a large amount of outdoor space as well as a sheltered area.

A spokesperson for Margaret Green Animal Rescue said: "Neville was quite the character and had a lot of ‘fans’. They are just as thrilled as all the staff that he has been rehomed to a location where he has everything a pig could wish, as well as lots of love, care and one to one interaction. He is one lucky pig.

"Within a few hours of Neville going home we received some great photos from his new family. By the looks of it he has fallen on his trotters and settled in well. Everyone at the MGAR will miss lovable Nev but are so pleased to see him happy and thoroughly enjoying being with his forever family."