FOLLOWING the council's announcement that Boscombe is the focus for an ambitious bid for a multimillion-pound investment plan, the community are being encouraged to get involved.

Last year, the Government invited 101 places – including Bournemouth - to bring forward proposals for a ‘Town Deal’ as part of the £3.6 billion Towns Fund programme.

Now with master plans underway for the area, the Boscombe Strategic Towns Fund Board and council are approaching the next stage of their plans.

A key part of the project will be community engagement and the Board is keen to receive as many opinions and ideas from the public as possible.

In order to receive feedback and ideas from the public, the council have devised a survey which people can use to share their ideas.

The council's draft vision is that by 2030, Boscombe-Bournemouth (the regeneration area) will be well connected, diverse, healthy and safe.

They are keen to build on the area's art and creative sector as well as the built seaside heritage.

There will be more jobs in a wider variety of sectors and the community will have greater access to good quality jobs, training, leisure activities and homes.

Members of the community are being encouraged to share their priorities for the area and what is important for them to make the project as beneficial and worthwhile as possible.

This will help the council to prepare an ambitious plan for the partial redevelopment of Boscombe Town Centre.

The survey closes on June 30 and you can find it here: