SPEEDING drivers have been targeted by police in Bournemouth – and a handful were caught driving significantly over the 40mph limit during the same night.

Officers from Dorset Police's No Excuse campaign were out on Ringwood Road, towards Bear Cross, one week after stopping a Porsche on the same stretch travelling at an astonishing 94mph.

This time, on Wednesday (June 10) night, drivers pulled over included five travelling at speeds ranging from 60-78mph.

Police say excuses ranged from 'just finished work and wanted to get home quicker' to 'there was no one else on the road.'

The motorist travelling at 60mph received three points and a £100 fine.

The others were all reported to court.

A Dorset Police No Excuse spokesman said: "The faster you drive, the greater your stopping distance, and the worse the injuries will be in the event of a crash."

Police also say that Government research shows about one in three deaths on the road are speed related, and that seven out of 10 drivers regularly break the speed limit.

The police spokesman said: "Sometimes a clear road or wanting to impress your mates can make it tempting for you to speed.

"What you might think is harmless fun can end in tragedy. You may lose your licence, your job, your mates, and even yours or somebody else’s life for that moment of temptation.

"Speeding is the major cause of road crashes.

"The speed limit is there for a reason."