THE deputy leader of BCP Council has said the statue of Robert Baden-Powell on Poole Quay won’t be removed today.

Councillor Mark Howell said any action to temporarily take the statue away by the local authority would only be for its protection.

He said contractors had been programmed to come down this morning to remove the statue and put it into storage.

Bournemouth Echo:

But they did not want to work in a “circus”.

Councillor Howell described the statue as an "important part" of Poole Quay.

Bournemouth Echo:

"It is possible we might not take it away at all," said Cllr Howell. "This had been prompted by officers on the advice of police.

"It has been blown out of proportion. It was a poorly worded press release that wasn't circulated to me.

Bournemouth Echo:

"People have been given the impression that the council might want to take this away permanently and that is absolutely not the case.

"I would be mortified if a decision like that was made unless there was extremely strong grounds for doing so and I do not think anyone has established those grounds."