A BOURNEMOUTH based cup noodle company are supporting those returning to work in the coming weeks by offering them safer convenient food options without leaving the buidling.

Having donated nearly 20,000 cups to NHS workers and foodbanks across the country during the current pandemic, Mr Lee’s Noodles are keen to address the needs of businesses reopening during lockdown next week.

The company’s “Back to Work” Scheme aims to tackle the restricted availability of food options for employees coming back to work through repurposing a surplus supply of travel pots for trains and planes that are not being used due to restricted services.

Founder Damien Lee said: “I am currently received cancer treatment and have seen firsthand how the workers have been during the coronavirus outbreak and how hard they have been worked so we wanted to support them.

“We have our products on planes and trains such as Norwegian Airlines and South Western Railway, but they were grounded or not operating so we found ourselves with an abundance of stock.

“We couldn’t put them back into the retail sector so we had a lot of products and we thought about what we could do with it. So, we though lets support the industry and those coming back to work.”

From cups to pallets of noodles, Mr Lee’s are able to supply any order sizes of their 14-ounce travel pots at trade prices.

For business who do not have facilities to keep food, the company are able to supply cardboard display stands.