Following disturbing scenes at Durdle Door last weekend, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency has created a video to urge people to take care at the coast.

Members of Lulworth and Kimmeridge Coastguard Rescue Teams feature in the video, as a powerful reminder from them of the sea's hidden dangers, and why it is so important to take care at the coast.

In the video, a number of coastguard crew members share the following message: "When we got to Durdle Door, there were people everywhere.

"People were hurt, we had to move fast.

"The sea looks beautiful, but it's deadly if it catches you out.

"You don't know what's lurking beneath the surface, and tides turns deep pools into shallow puddles.

"We will always come when we are called, and we drop everything to get there if you're in trouble.

"But help us to help you, don't put yourself and others at risk.

"The sea isn't safe, it has hidden dangers. Please respect local rules and instructions.

"If you don't take care, we may have to take care of you."