THE misbehaviour across Dorset last weekend was caused by a “perfect storm”, the leader of BCP Council claimed.

Councillor Vikki Slade also said only a government spokesperson has responded to her call for a travel clampdown.

“I phoned the police commissioner and said apparently you are supposed to use your discretion and experience,” Cllr Slade said.

“Police told me they don’t have any enforcement power.

“Let’s be honest, it would require a U-turn for them to go back on their measures.

“The problems we had last weekend, it was the perfect storm.”

Cllr Slade said Dominic Cummings reportedly breaking lockdown rules, combined with the fact prime Minister Boris Johnson announced people could meet with groups of six from the following Monday made it too easy for people to flock to Dorset.

She continued: “I will keep lobbying (for people not to visit) and I know Cllr Spencer Flower will, but I do feel like we are talking to ourselves.

“In the event of a local outbreak, we can’t do anything unless the police have powers or we are given powers.

“We are writing our plan at the moment without knowing what our powers will be.

“The plan is a series of actions that we could take and we will be relying on the public to behave.

“People have got to understand that the powers people think we have we don’t.”

It comes as organisations across Dorset called once again for people not to visit the county.

As well as Cllr Slade, leader of Dorset Council Spencer Flower, and emergency services reiterated their message of asking people to think twice.

Cllr Flower said: “Council employees were abused by the members of the public as they tried to manage the traffic. This is not acceptable. We are meeting with stakeholders this week, including MPs, landowners and police to agree a plan which we hope will help manage the huge visitor numbers to the Lulworth area.”

While Dorset Police chief constable James Vaughan added: “Incidents such as the ones we dealt with at Durdle Door means our officers are unable to respond as quickly to other priority calls and incidents. We yet again urge people to act responsibly and make the moral decision to go home if an area looks too busy.

“Keep in mind the purpose of the regulations and the national effort to protect the NHS and save lives.”