POLICE found a family cooking a fry-up in Studland despite signs warning against fires and barbecues.

Officers also discovered campers, the remains of a campfire and a barbecue on the beach at the Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Now patrols will be stepped up in a bid to protect the area.

A spokesman for Purbeck Police said: "Firstly I located a family cooking a fry up on the edge of the heath on Ferry Road. I then had some parking issues to sort for people who thought parking on a clearway is acceptable.

"I then walked the beach where I found a couple that had camped overnight. I also found an abandoned tent that had obviously been used over the last few days."

Police joined forces with coastguards and fire crews who had also been called to the area and issued the following warning.

"The Studland area is a site of special scientific interest (SSSI). As well as the obvious fire risk, it is an offence to light a fire, BBQ or to camp in the area. If caught you can expect to be reported for the offences on SSSI land. This is exactly what happened to the campers who were also reported for breaching Covid-19 regulations."