ROADS to Lulworth and Durdle Door have been closed by the council on safety grounds but visitors have ignored the signs and flocked to the Purbeck beach.

As reported, people were seriously injured and airlifted from the Scratchy Bottom after jumping from the arch into the sea.

The roads in the area were closed last night and Dorset Council has said they will remain shut off today.

Jonathan Mair, Dorset Council's corporate director and duty gold officer said: "Following multiple serious incidents at Durdle Door yesterday involving the emergency services, we have taken the decision to keep the roads to Lulworth and Durdle Door closed today on safety grounds.

"We have also just made the decision to close the road to West Bexington in West Dorset following health and safety issues there yesterday.

“We would ask people to please think twice before visiting Dorset’s beaches as they are becoming overcrowded and maintaining social distancing is becoming difficult."

However, reports on social media suggest the cliff-top car park at Durdle Door was already busy this morning from shortly after 10am.

A Dorset Council spokesperson said it appears many people have ignored the road closures the local authority put in place yesterday. Council officers have now been sent to the barriers to turn people away.

On Saturday, coastguard, ambulance, lifeboat and police teams were called to Durdle Door in the afternoon.

Lulworth Coastguard Rescue Team reported that people were jumping off the arch into the sea, with encouragement from the crowd on the beach.

The team also said police had to deal with “alcohol-fuelled minor scuffles” and a small but out of control fire from a BBQ, while the ambulance service treated casualties from the tombstoning.