A SPEEDBOAT with engine failure broke down outside Christchurch Harbour.

The RNLI Mudeford Servant Atlantic 85 lifeboat was called to the outskirts of the harbour at 7.30pm on May 27.

The 17.5 foot speedboat had four passengers and was drifting in an easterly direction.

The speedboat was secured and towed into the safety of Christchurch Harbour, where they assisted delivering the speedboat to a slipway on Mudeford Quay.

The crew had to take things slowly when re-entering the harbour with the speedboat due to the shallow depth at the harbour entrance.

The RNLI Mudeford Servant was returned to the lifeboat house at 8.30pm readied for the next service.

If you find yourself or anyone else in trouble in the water, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.