For over 30 years Harvest Fine Foods have been supplying the highest quality, often locally sourced ingredients, to local hotels, pubs and restaurants.

The past few years have seen them diversify to supplying the care and education sectors in the South of England with high quality, essential nutritious ingredients.

During the Covid-19 crisis Harvest Fine Foods have seen a large reduction in hospitality trade, but have seen the number of care homes and hospitals they supply double in number as many catering professionals in these industries have struggled to get what they needed from their current supplier.

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Being a fast-moving, agile company, at the start of the lockdown Harvest Fine Foods decided to open up their product range to the general public for home delivery with online ordering, this was a huge success and resulted in around 14,000 registered customers across Hampshire and Dorset.

They have since surveyed their customers several times about what they would like to see improve about the shopping experience, and as a result of that feedback they have sourced many new lines in smaller pack sizes, as well as other household essentials such as baby food, toiletries and pet food.

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You can even buy selected items for outdoor living such as BBQ charcoal, flowers and compost. Without doubt though the most successful is the new drinks range ­- from everyday wines and beers to more premium products that you would usually only see in restaurants.

If you are a real wine connoisseur, have a look at their wine club, they have some amazing mixed wines boxed in 6s or 12s. Harvest have teamed up with Ideal Collection, a group of exciting hospitality venues in Hampshire and West Sussex. Established in 2002 and born out of a passion for great hospitality, their goal is to offer customers unique experiences and serve the very best in local produce, working and building strong relationships with niche suppliers to support the communities around us.

Bournemouth Echo: Just one of the many fine wines you can enjoy through Harvest Fine Foods' Wine ClubJust one of the many fine wines you can enjoy through Harvest Fine Foods' Wine Club

Working with over 33 local farms and producers, part of Harvest’s core values are to support local business and buy local as much as they can. You can see all their local suppliers on the web site by clicking local suppliers.   

Harvest don’t just support the local community by using local suppliers though, they also work in close collaboration with Fareshare and over the past eight weeks have raised over £4,500 through the Home Delivery customers to support pop up Covid-19 project to aid the vulnerable and ensure healthy nutritious food is distributed to where it needs to go. You can read more about the great work they do by clicking on: Fareshare. 

If you would like to find out more about Harvest Fine Foods or you would like to register for a home delivery account please go to and follow the home delivery service link to register for a username and password to shop.

Please note that Harvest have categorised all the products suitable for use at home under one category in their online ordering site, please click on the category ‘Harvest Home Groceries’ to view these, but also do feel free to explore the larger pack sizes in the other category group.

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