NOTABLY in the Echo online comments on May 14, there are a stream of hostile attacks on the lead letter speaking up for protection of climate, calling for an end to the air display in respect of the mass pollution.

I am the first to agree that aircraft pollution, carbon and sulphur emission, and ear-splitting noise pollution, are huge problems.

But at the same time there is the issue of the local economy, as was made clear in many online scathing comments.

But the point is it is not just the aircraft pollution, it is the matter of over “a million visitors over four days”. That is then a matter of gridlocked exhaust polluted roads, for miles, every year. Along with tons of litter on the beaches.

We are told the air show brings in £32million and more income, for the town. But that is for the hotels and bars and shops. It’s not for the people of our town. We are the ones that pick up the bill for road maintenance, policing, and clearing the litter off beaches.

So I for one say no to the air festival. Far better for all of us a local music festival for the people of our towns. Our new world: Keep It Local. End mass transportation. Any event we go to needs to be within walking, cycling, or bus distance.

But that said I see BCP council Air Festival organisers already promoting the air show for 2021, with a picture of a Euro Fighter jet, pollution pouring out of the engines. I hope others agree in our age fighting mass pollution this is outrageous. Our council unstoppable. Owned hook line and sinker by Bournemouth tourist industry, sponsoring these huge weapons of war for entertainment. And we condemn the Russians and Chinese for the very same parading of military might.


Surrey Road, Bournemouth