THE best of news in the Echo today, and countrywide, and world-wide.

The Bournemouth mass polluting air show and mass-polluting gunpowder combustion show are both cancelled. As they need to be all years into the future. As also airline operators world-wide in their hundreds have grounded tens of thousands of aircraft. Again, the very best of news.

And better again, the 400 cruise liners plying the world’s oceans, pumping out thousands of tons of carbon and sulphur, every day, are closed down in port.

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And as we well know millions of mass polluting combustion vehicles are off the road in the UK, many hundreds of millions off the road world-wide. The world is beginning to breathe again. Cities that haven’t been seen for decades can now be seen from satellites.

What the virus has done is what humanity collectively refuses to do, will never do, bring to an end enormous carbon sulphur mass pollution destroying global climate.

Covid-19 is terrible for those who are infected. Huge fear and suffering. Lives destroyed. But sorry to say the overwhelming evidence is that Covid is as a trailer for the ever-gathering global destruction of climate meltdown.

The evidence is overwhelming. Last year the hottest year on record in Europe and world-wide. Arctic and Antarctic ice melting at unprecedented rates. Sea levels ever rising. Weather becoming ever more extreme, as we saw in the massive Australian fires. World-wide ever-growing hundreds of thousands of climate refugees.

We have to change and massively. Covid is the enormous wake-up call the world needs. The world has changed. We have to change. No more finessing the edges to get what we want and demand. We have to make huge decisions. It is Darwin, up front and real: take on out-of-control world pollution or in coming years ever increasing climate destruction.


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