As lockdown continues to drag on across the country - lots of us have flocked to the shops and online to buy some sweet treats to see us through.

Now, fans of Cadbury's white chocolate Dream bar - which was discontinued from sale in the UK for nearly two decades - are now able to buy it once again.

Where are the chocolate bars sold?

Fortunately for those with a sweet tooth, B&M Bargains are selling the bars, which have been imported from Austrialia for £2.99.

But the bars are going fast - so those desperate to buy once best be quick.

When were they originally on sale in the UK?

Dream bars launched back in 2002, but according to reports, didn't prove to be popular enough in the UK, and were later pulled from the shelves.

Who spotted that the bars were back in stock?

Eagle-eyed food reviewer - Kevs Snack Reviews - took to his Instagram account earlier this month to share with his 80,000 followers about the discovery - along with a number of other Cadbury bars.

In a post on May 3, Kev posted: "New Aussie Cadbury bars in @bm_stores £2.99! 🤩

"Can’t wait to try the Moro and Mint Crisp - never had these before!"

What other imported Cadbury bars are B&M stores selling?

According to Kevs Snack Reviews, the retailer is also selling 175g bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk Moro (milk chocolate wih chocolate malt flavoured cream and caramel), Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispy Mint Creme (milk chocolate with mint flavoured creme and crispy mint pieces), plus Old Gold Dark Chocolate: Roast Almond - all of which are imported from Australia.