Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Pavilion, Bournemouth

A RIVETING performance, in this Totally Tchaikovsky programme, of the Piano Concerto No.1 by the immensely talented Leon McCawley.

Rapport with newly appointed Young Conductor in Association Matthew Wood evidenced in his alert direction, matching McCawley's rhythmically polished performance of the first movement's attractively inspired Ukrainian folk melody.

Leading in the slow movement's melting flute melody Owen Bailey's enchanting playing was soon replaced by further fleet fingerwork from McCawley in Tchaikovsky's barely contained exuberance. The party-time tunefulness explodes into the finale's joyous freedom, shimmering bravura driving the music to an effervescent conclusion.

His second ballet, The Sleeping Beauty, is alive with more marvellous melodies. Some of the most popular numbers were performed under Wood's already well developed musicianship giving the various episodes their full due.

There's nothing ambiguous about the Pas de caractere; Puss in Boots and the White Cat displaying the range of feline features with cunning accuracy. The Rose Adagio, including a fine harp cadenza from Julia Webb, suitably impassioned and vigorously portrayed.

Opening the concert with the ever-popular Waltz and Polonaise from Eugene Onegin Wood clearly signalled an evening of tuneful Tchaikovsky from a brilliant BSO.