I AM sorry to say it but what a shambolic country we live in.

Many will say that is unfair. World-wide, all counties have been hit very hard.

That is true but this pandemic is bringing into the sharpest focus the enormous cumulative failings of this country over recent years.

To start with, we have a party in power that does not have the wit to have in place a deputy leader. You can scour the world and you will find it very hard to find any other country that does not have a vice president, or a deputy leader.

As it is, anyone who has given any serious attention to the meaning of “intensive care” will know the fight for life in these units is shatteringly exhausting. At best it will take several months of convalescence for a patient to come back to good health. And that is not a given.

In short, we have no interim PM making our situation, along with stalling Brexit negotiations heading for WTO, no agreements, crashing out of the EU, the worst situation the country could be in.

Beyond human imagination. How could it be worse? Not only the pandemic, with looming recession if not depression, but Brexit-driven, rudderless UK at high risk now of shredding our trade flows and connections with Europe.

I cannot believe it. Surely if nothing more the UK must postpone Brexit, at the very least until we have a political leader.


Charminister Road, Charminster