SURELY the time has come when we should all wear masks when we go out. They don’t need to be medical masks. Even homemade masks made of cotton material will do.

We know that masks will help prevent the airborne droplets from our coughs, sneezes and speech being dispelled into the air. It also gives the public a sign that you are trying to do your best to stop spreading the virus. There is no point in being complacent and thinking that you are not at risk. You are!

There are also complete nutters out there trying to put the fear of God into people by spitting, coughing and spreading saliva over goods in the supermarket. I personally would like to see their punishment fit the crime. I would like to see them made to work doing menial tasks in a Covid-19 ward. Then they would see the dedicated hospital staff doing their very best to save people. Perhaps, if they saw, first hand, the suffering of people they may feel true remorse for their foolish and vile crimes. At the very least they should be named and shamed with photos so that we can see these stupid people and treat them with the contempt they deserve.

I also think that because of people flaunting the rules of exercise and treating it as a jolly, we should now put a stop to exercising outside except in their own property or garden.

Hard, I know, for people living in flats without access to outside space. Maybe they could incorporate their shopping trip and exercise by walking to the nearest shop or do an indoor keep fit video. Once again, the mindless few spoiling it for the many.

Take care of each other and we may eventually come through this at lot wiser than before.


Wendy’s Crescent, Ferndown