A FATHER and son have made a joyous song during isolation to bring a smile to everyone's faces during this challenging time.

Dan Horn and his seven-year-old son Joey from Bournemouth wrote 'Stay at Home' over the course of two days, in-between Joey's home-schooling.

Dan explained what the first day entailed: "During our music lesson, I was making tunes up on my guitar and saying silly words which is when Joey suggested we should write a song.

"We had a lot of fun coming up with different ideas."

The second day saw Joey's enthusiasm for writing the song shine, and the duo's notebook was brimming with ideas.

By the end of the day, the song was finished and ready to be shared with those close to the pair, as well as on Youtube.

Dan said: "Joey is finding it difficult at the moment as he's not at school and not seeing his friends. It can be heartbreaking to hear. That's why it was so good to get Joey involved."

Joey hopes that by sharing his song, his close friends and family will watch it and feel happy.

The song is another way for Joey to remain connected with them during these troubling times.

Producing 'Stay at Home' together helped Joey build up his confidence and leap outside of his comfort zone.

Dan explained: "The challenge with this song was to break through Joey's shyness. When I put the camera on, he went really shy at the thought of people watching him, but once he pretended that the camera wasn't there, he was fine.

"Now, he loves knowing how many people have watched the video. My favourite part of the experience was watching the video back with Joey and seeing is face light up. Seeing your child being so proud of what they have achieved is the best feeling."

Joey plans to write more songs in the future about "all sorts of things", and Dan is hopeful that making music becomes a hobby Joey enjoys.

To listen to 'Stay at Home', visit: https://youtu.be/hgAfJGNup_c