THE police are being asked to do a job to save lives. The fact that they have to use a big stick reflects upon the years of the liberal, do-as-I-like selfish attitudes that are so prevalent today.

Witness the supermarket madness of recent days and now the disposal of that “grabbed what I can” food untouched in waste bins.

The National Trust originally were leaving the grounds of their properties open for people to walk in the fresh air and enjoy during self isolation. The first weekend of social distancing they were so swamped it was impossible to keep two metres apart.

The same at beaches, in the New Forest and most tourist and beauty spots.

Lockdown was then brought in because politely being asked failed dismally. And still folk are not heeding the advice, some are still going to the beach, using exercise to follow their hobbies, riding their jet skis, shopping for non-essentials etc.

Protective gloves can be seen discarded at the side of the supermarket trollies – “I am not touching the handle or goods whilst shopping but will throw down the gloves for someone else to pick up!”

I am a key worker therefore allowed to travel to work and note that traffic also appears to be rapidly increasing again. Why?

The police are right to use the full force of the law to protect the vast majority of the populace, who do have self-discipline and comply with the rules and laws, from the selfish minority doing what they want without any thought or consideration for others.


Princes Road, Ferndown