WHILE the Jurassic Coast remains off limits to visitors, a new resource is being launched to bring it directly into people's homes.

The Jurassic Coast Trust says it is working on "engaging" and "educational" online content, in order to help parents who are home-schooling their children during these challenging times.

Sam Scriven, head of heritage and conservation at the Jurassic Coast Trust, said: "The thought of not being able to fully enjoy the Jurassic Coast is a painful one, especially if you live near it.

"Yet, it is the situation we find ourselves in. But the beauty of our World Heritage Site will wait for us, the stories locked within its geology can still be explored through the mind’s eye and our love for this special place can continue to grow.

"We’ll be working hard to help that happen.”

Anyone with children at home will be able to access the resource.

New content will include interactive webpages for children, as well as a regular newsletter all about the coast, its fossils, dinosaurs, geology and historical figures such as palaeontologist and fossil collector Mary Anning.

The content is primarily aimed at children aged six to 11 but the trust says it will have something for everyone.

A Jurassic Coast Trust spokesman stressed: "In line with the latest government guidelines, the Jurassic Coast Trust is urging people to stay at home and avoid busy coastal sites.

"Whilst it is important to have time in nature, it is simply not worth putting yourself and those in your community at risk of infection.

"The Jurassic Coast is both dynamic and resilient, and the trust hopes that through their content, they can inspire those qualities in our communities.

"The trust emphasises that they will continue to support their partner organisation across the coast, to ensure they can recover from the current situation and are still able to deliver their services to visitors."

Anyone with children at home who would like to access this free content to keep them busy, email info@jurassiccoast.org

Alternatively, visit jurassiccoast.org for the latest information.