I’M SURE many of us are horrified when we hear or read of the number of deaths due to coronavirus, both worldwide and UK wide.

However, why do we not see these figures broken down? The only way to answer this question and to clarify the situation is to examine the total deaths in one day, which were on average 1,483 in 2018 for England and Wales, so would coronavirus deaths now be included in these figures at the expense of other causes, or not?

This way we would have some idea of whether a death is due to coronavirus or is actually attributed to some other cause.

Are the total deaths higher now than they normally would be and if so by how much?

It begs the question that if somebody dies and is then tested positive for coronavirus does that take priority on the death certificate as opposed to other causes?

It would be interesting and enlightening if we were given the true data.


Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy