A WOMAN was arrested after being stopped by a Bournemouth South police officer to question why she was out the house.

PC Brooks was pulling vehicles over to listen to their excuses for being out and ended up arresting a woman who was “endlessly driving around for no reason”.

A post from Bournemouth South Police’s Facebook page said after lots of swearing from the woman PC Brooks pleaded with her to go home as her actions were putting lives at risk.

The woman replied saying she did not care and she will “do what I like”.

She was arrested a short while late for breaching a dispersal notice.

In the post, PC Brooks said: “All of this comes on day five of me now being a teacher as well as a police officer, as my kids are now home.

“So arriving to do a 10 hour shift after trying to force some sort of knowledge into my kids for the day has left me on my knees.

“Most of the country is in the same position on this, trying to juggle our lives, but not all can work from home.

“Respect the advice, no one likes it but we are all in it together, some more than most.”