A PROLIFIC burglar has been jailed again after breaking into a home while the owner was inside.

Caleb William Warren, who two years ago stole jewellery and computer equipment from the home of a grieving mum whose daughter had died days earlier, was jailed for his latest raid for two years and eight months.

He was found found guilty of burglary at Bournemouth Crown Court, on Thursday, March 19.

The court heard how Warren, aged 32, of Langdon Road, Poole, was confronted by a resident after breaking onto their home as they slept.

Around 5.15pm on Valentines Day, this year, Warren broke into the home in Astbury Avenue, Poole.

The victim, who was woken by the sound of Warren's footsteps, confronted the intruder and challenged him.

At this point, the court was told, Warren pretended he was looking for someone by the name of 'Marie-Ann'.

He left on a bicycle and entered the driveway of a neighbouring address. CCTV obtained shows Warren pretend to talk to someone and wave to them, carrying on the pretence that he is looking for or visiting someone.

Detective Constable Christian Bryant, of Dorset Police’s Priority Crime Team, said: “It can be very distressing for a victim having an offender enter their home so I am pleased that through our investigation we were able to identify Warren as being responsible for this offence.

“I hope the sentence handed out by the court will send out a very clear message that Dorset Police and the court take burglary offences seriously.”

Warren also claimed to be looking for someone during a burglary he committed in May 2018.

On that occasion, when he was also challenged by the homeowner who was present, he pretended to be looking for 'Jasmine'.

He was subsequently arrested for this and another burglary and sentenced to 39 month in prison in January 11, 2019.

And in May 18, 2018, he was sentenced to a two-year community order after a burglary at the home of a grieving mother.

Warren raided the Bournemouth home of Natalie Elbrow as the 47-year-old said her final goodbyes to daughter Daisy, 15, at the Julia's House children's hospice in November 2017.

The teen, who died four days before the burglary following a seven-month battle with cancer renal cell carcinoma, used the computer as a "portal to the outside world" during her illness.