I AM writing to ask whether there is local support for electric buses.

Currently many car parks across the conurbation are available for sale for use as housing.

These could be used as storage and charging points for fleets of electric buses, like those used in Montmarte in France.

Could I urge anyone with any kind of influence locally to act on this?

Central government has pots of money up for grabs for green transport. BCP needs to stop pandering to developers wanting to make short term profits out of buildings for housing that will be bought mainly as investments and kept empty by the owners. It needs to think of our need for clean public transport which will improve the lives of everyone, not more money in the bank for the property developers of Sandbanks and London. The rich are quite rich enough. Something needs to be done for the rest of us.

Pollution is very high across the whole of BCP.

Public transport could be much better.

Side roads should all be closed to through traffic except bikes.

All roads with more than one lane should have the extra lane made just for buses and bikes.

If other towns can do these things then they can be done here.


Britannia Road, Poole