SUNRISE of Westbourne care home resident returned to the Alps with her family for the second year running.

Jean Bayley, an 80-year-old resident at the care home could go skiing with her family once again despite major hip surgery and a diagnosis of dementia.

Last year, as part of Sunrise of Westbourne’s Anticipation Club that encourages residents to try a new hobby or skill, residents were invited to write their wish on a piece of paper.

Jean wrote that it was her wish to ski once again despite severely impaired mobility from a hip fracture and the subsequent surgery.

Incredibly, with the support of her family and the help of care staff at Sunrise of Westbourne, Jean got back on the slopes with her family last year.

This year, ‘Handi Ski’ was hired alongside an experienced ski guide to ensure Jean was safe and happy on the ski slopes.

With a paramedic, orthopaedic surgeon and trained carers in her family, Jean could confidently ski knowing she was in good hands.

Jean’s eldest son, Neil Bayley said: "Family and skiing are two of the most important things for Mum. Being able to take her skiing yet again, despite her having falls earlier in the year is true testament to the amazing care at Sunrise of Westbourne.

"They truly are outstanding; Mum is even planning next year!"

Senior Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Westbourne, Wendy Blow added: "We love to encourage all residents to find ways to continue living life in the way they find the most fulfilling. Jean just proves that everyone can follow their dreams no matter how out of reach they may seem."

Jean may live with dementia, but it certainly hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her favourite hobby.