I AM becoming increasingly concerned by security issues in our BCP Council area’s town centres.

More and more homeless/beggars are on our streets and regardless of the rights or wrongs of their individual circumstances, what they do with their property is an issue.

I had cause to be in Bournemouth town centre yesterday and observed many piles of these belongings undercover in shop doorways with no one in attendance. Are the powers to be totally oblivious to the fact that over the years terrorist bombers place their IEDs on the ground in rucksack type containers, e.g. Boston Marathon or Manchester Arena? It would not be tolerated at an airport.

One extra bag/pack would not be noticed. The so called “town centre rangers” have no idea, just strolling around and ignoring everything. So come on, let’s clear away these piles and if they feel a need to bring a sleeping bag, take it with them when they move from their pitch, for whatever reason. Let’s think security!!!


Wallisdown Road, Bournemouth