I AM often out and about throughout the conurbation of BPC and the one thing that is lacking are public toilets that are open. There are plenty of closed toilets or ones that are a trek to get too but few actually open to the public.

The outdoor toilets at the Sovereign Centre and Dolphin Centre have been closed, the toilets near Bournemouth train station don’t open until 8am and the toilets at the train station itself only open after 5am which could mean they are open any time of the day and many cafes don’t allow you to use their loo unless you buy coffee / teas and then they give you a code.

So what are the public expected to do after long journeys or for those who are disabled or, like me, diabetic and getting old?

I was in such a state needing the toilet the other month I had to go behind a bin in the street. Thankfully my time in Kenya as a missionary got rid of my inhibitions but never the less I did worry I may get arrested by the police and given a caution ...

But seriously the council need to reinstate toilets and open them because it’s causing a lot of unnecessary mishaps and problems. After all, it’s a health and safety issue for all ages and all walks of life. Using the toilet is part and parcel of everyday life for human beings


Tree Hamlets, Upton