St Aldhelm's Academy confirmed four pupils were self-isolated after returning from a skiing trip in northern Italy.

Headteacher Jon Webb said he was very transparent with parents and carers of pupils from the school and reassured them the self-isolations were just “precautionary measures”.

Mr Webb said the school were following advice from Public Health England “to the letter” and had no confirmed cases.

If a confirmed case arose, they would refer to the advice and act work.

Elsewhere, three students from Broadstone Middle School were kept at home, also as a “precautionary measure”.

A letter was sent out to parents and carers of students attending the school regarding the situation surrounding the coronavirus.

The letter read: “We continue to liaise with Public Health England and the NHS, requesting specific advice with regard to our current situation. Accordingly, three children have been kept home as a purely precautionary measure based on this advice.

“We would like to reassure you that there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in either of our schools.”

Today, Ballard School confirmed that the student sent home as a precaution does not hace the coronavirus.

Sam Crowe, Director for Public Health Dorset said: "We have been made aware by some schools in Dorset that pupils and their families are self-isolating after returning from affected areas in the north of Italy.

"This is in line with recent advice issued to all schools and educational settings by Public Health England. This has been carried out as a precautionary measure only."

As previously reported, students from Corfe Hills and Ballard had been put in self-isolation.

A pupil from Jewell Academy also was, although they did not show any symptoms, and this was a precautionary matter.

Furthermore, the headteacher from Milford-on-Sea Primary School, decided to stay at home after returning from a holiday in Italy.