STUDENTS from a Poole school are being tested as a “precautionary measure” and have been asked to self-isolate amidst coronavirus fears.

An open letter was sent to parents and carers of pupils at St Aldhem’s from headteacher Jon Webb, explaining how they are handling the situation.

Mr Webb confirmed that four pupils are currently being tested as a precautionary measure and have been asked to self-isolate after returning from the ski trip to northern Italy.

Another student, who visited the region of Italy with family over half term, has also been asked to self-isolate.

Mr Webb told the Echo: “There has been no confirmed cases of the coronavirus at all.

“We have four pupils from our ski trip in northern Italy who are being tested as a precautionary measure.

“One young lady has had her test and has to wait 72 hours until the results of the test.

“We are following advice from Public Health England. That is something we are checking on an hourly basis.

“In any decision we are taking, we are referring back to Public Health England. If there is a student who has a confirmed case, there is support guidance to manage that.

“There is a lot of anxiety and alarm, we want to make sure we continue to be transparent and will follow to the letter the guidance of Public Health England.

“We are not advised to close the school.”

Yesterday, two pupils from Corfe Hills School were self-isolated after showing symptoms of the virus, and one student from Ballard was sent home.

Ballard have confirmed the student does not have the coronavirus.

A pupil from Jewell Academy was also self-isolated after returning from Italy. This was a precaution and the pupil did not show any symptoms of the virus.