I AGREE with Isabella Mitchell (Letters, February 17) re the loss of amenities in the High Street, especially Christchurch.

When I first moved to Christchurch in 1997 the whole High Street was filled with small retail businesses – a variety of goods on offer. A joy to visit.

When I look at Southbourne and Highcliffe I still see that image – successful small shops and a thriving community. What is so different with Christchurch that we cannot have the same? Are the business rates higher (all areas have parking charges)?

I love Christchurch but am sad that it is being allowed to fall apart with no-one appearing to do anything. Do we have a town manager? I appreciate the change in retail nowadays but if Southbourne and Highcliffe can do it, why not Christchurch?

I certainly don’t think the new development on the Police Station site will add anything at all to the area. This site should be named “Bournemouth’s Revenge”!

P Reeves

Belvedere Road, Christchurch