THE use of brain science in marketing is the subject of an event at Bournemouth University next week.

Neuromarketing has been chosen by final year marketing communications students as the theme of the Mike Warne Event.

The event, on Wednesday, February 26, 6-9pm, will see leading names from the marketing world share their vision of the industry’s future.

Speakers will include Katie Hart, customer insights tutor at the Cambridge Marketing College, and neuroscientist Dr John Hogan.

Brian Doidge, South West chair at CIM, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, said: “CIM and Bournemouth University students have designed the evening in a way that will allow us to see how neuromarketing is developing into an exciting way to look at your company’s customer research.

“Our speakers will show how it allows a greater understanding of research, and in turn how this can also make marketing research more cost effective, as well as helping your business to shape the right customer behaviour for your brand.

“Obviously there are myths around the topic, there is also curiosity and there are inevitably going to be implications for modern marketing practice. However, what is clear, is that this will be a great opportunity to find out more for yourself.”

The event, in memory of former CIM regional director Mike Warne, has been held for 13 years.

Bournemouth University is the first university to be named as a strategic partner of the CIM.

Maggie Jones, director of qualifications and partnerships at CIM said: “The new strategic partner programme will provide a greater synergy between CIM and Bournemouth University, while adding value to the qualifications students receive.

“The CIM brand and qualifications are globally respected and this new strategic partnership programme delivers a clear advantage for qualification providers, ensuring students have access to the training they need to achieve their professional goals.”

CIM offers free tickets for students, with other tickets priced £15-20. Call 01628 427 340 or visit