A BRIGHT beam of light was spotted in the skies over Poole on Tuesday night – but no one's quite sure where it came from.

The blue beam was visible for at least 20 minutes. It could be seen as far away as Broadstone.

This photo was captured by a Daily Echo reader who was standing in Lagland Street, near the quay.

One man who was returning home to the Waterloo area said: "It was a crystal clear night.

"I initially thought it was a contrail from a plane, but then I wondered if it was a search light.

"I first saw it at 11.45pm or so – it blinked off for a few seconds at one point, but other than that, I could see it the entire time I was walking home.

"It was a fixed light."

Police say they had no reports of a bright light over Poole.

It's possible the light was cast from Lulworth. Live firing is taking place on the ranges this week.