A BOURNEMOUTH man is proud to have the best wife in the world – with a bit of help from some internet search engine skills..

Louise Crewe was awarded the title by her other half Tom, who highlighted her “dazzling smile, infectious laugh and smouldering good looks”.

Since marrying Tom in 2015, she has reportedly shown the skills and dedication required to be an award-winning wife.

According to Tom, her patience, caring attitude and proactive nature all enabled her to lift the trophy as the best wife in the world.

But Louise’s title was cemented by Google search results.

Husband Tom, is a tech-specialist and has worked as a search engine optimisation (SEO) professional for over five years.

His job is to make sure that websites appear at the top of Google search results.

As part of that job he tries to improve visibility in what is called the “featured Snippet”.

This is when Google answers a question, for example “who is the best wife in the world”.

According to Tom who met Louise in 2011 while studying at Southampton University, what you type into Google is called a ‘keyword’.

He noticed that the keyword for “who is the best wife in the world” there was an opportunity, because no one had provided an answer.

Tom then created a webpage which used this keyword in the title.

He tweaked the page to make it about his wife adding in special computer coding features.

As a result, Louise’s page shot to the top of Google search results.

Tom said: “This Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d use my SEO skills for good and surprise my wife.

“When we woke up that morning, I asked Louise to quickly Google “who is the best wife in the world” for me.

“When she saw the results she loved it, and I saved myself a fortune on cards and presents.”