BURGERS cooked at a Christchurch pub posed an 'unacceptable risk' to customers, council inspectors say.

Officials identified a number of issues at the Nelson Tavern in Mudeford during a visit late last year.

The pub has been awarded Tripadvisor 'certificate of excellence' awards between 2017 and 2019. However, in November, it was given a one-star hygiene rating, out of a possible five stars. Inspectors returned again this year, and have now awarded the eatery five stars after observing that changes have been made.

A report released to the Daily Echo after the initial rating reads: "The practice of cooking handmade burgers to 58c poses an unacceptable risk, which appears to be uncontrolled.

"Out of date bread pudding was found in the refrigerator unit below the salad bar.

"The salad bar was running at 11.6c and items were there for more than three days.

"The designated food sink is being used for equipment.

"Terrine was being frozen 72 hours after production. This is poor practice."

The officials criticised a "lack of investment in structure, equipment, maintenance and repair".

The door of the walk-in freezer had broken, and was being tied together instead. Condensate was collected in a bucket by the walk-in fridge.

Inspectors also said hot water basin was loose and dirty, and there were no hand towels.

The issue had been reported during a previous inspection in 2017.

"Significant hazards are not fully understood, for example the burgers and the terrine," the inspectors said.

"The food safety management system is inadequate and has not been reviewed since June 2016."

A spokesperson from BCP Council says the pub now has a top rating.

"We can confirm that an environmental health council officer inspected the Nelson on November 28 2019," the official said.

"At this time, there were a number of food hygiene contraventions.

"A further follow-up inspection was carried out on January 20 and it was noted that all matters identified had been effectively addressed and actioned which resulted in the business receiving the top rating of five on the Food Standards Agency's food hygiene rating scheme."