FLOODING has forced some residents on a Bournemouth park home site to leave their properties - with more than a dozen spending the night in hotels.

An evacuation centre has also provided support to many people who live at Iford Bridge Park Home in Old Bridge Road.

Earlier on Monday evening BCP Council advised residents to evacuate the 79-property site due to fears over rising flood waters from the River Stour.

As of 10pm, the electricity to the area had not been cut off and a number of residents had decided to stay at their own addresses.

A spokeswoman for BCP Council said: "The water is continuing to rise. Environment Agency staff have been on site all evening and advise that improvements are not anticipated until tomorrow morning.

"As of now, the electricity to the site has not yet needed to be turned off."

BCP Council said 13 people from eight properties had been accommodated by the local authority in hotels.

The council's evacuation centre, which is running at Iford Baptist Church, has been accessed by 28 property owners.

A number of people have also been supported with transport to access alternative accommodation.

The spokeswoman added: "Some residents have chosen to remain in their homes for now, and our staff are currently checking the site to confirm the number and location of people who remain at their properties and to check on vacant properties.

"The evacuation centre will remain open to assist any residents requesting accommodation or who may need support as water levels rise."

Iford Bridge Park Home suffered floods several years ago on Christmas Day but residents told the Daily Echo measures had been taken since then.

Property owners had been contacted by the authorities ahead of the flood threat, with officials advising them to take precautionary measures, such as moving their cars to higher ground.

As reported, a red flood warning was issued by the Environment Agency on Monday afternoon, advising that "flooding is expected and immediate action is required".

A subsequent similar warning was issued for the Beaulieu Garden Park Home site, which is located on the other side of the River Stour in Beaulieu Avenue.

Storm Dennis caused a barrage of flood problems over the weekend. These problems continued on Monday, with issues on many rural roads.