BOURNEMOUTH is reportedly the fourth worst place in the UK for traffic congestion, and one of just two towns in the top 20.

According to figures released by TomTom, Bournemouth’s congestion level was 34 per cent, and approximately 144 hours, or six days, were lost driving in rush hours in the town throughout the year.

The stats state that, on average, trips that should take 30 minutes during rush hour in the morning were taking an extra 18 minutes, and an extra 20 minutes during the evening.

Commuters commenting on the Echo’s Facebook post about the rankings expressed their views.

One user said “not the busiest place I have lived but definitely the most congested,” while another said: “I come from Manchester and now live in Poole/Bournemouth and believe me, I agree with this!”

A woman added: “I do agree, Poole and Christchurch can not be far behind”

Another man said: “Hey at least people are still coming here. I wouldn’t moan too much. Luckily the tourism and students are keeping this place afloat.”

Stephanie Leonard, UK traffic advisor at TomTom, said: “The south remains one of the fastest-growing and most congested regions in the country.

"City planners can’t afford to rest on their laurels while the south grinds to halt. It’s time for traffic to change.

"Policymakers can make real improvements now by using all the tools available to them to analyse traffic levels and impacts, so they can make better infrastructural decisions.”

Bournemouth was also ranked the 33rd worst in the whole of Europe, 69th worst in the world.

A spokesperson for BCP Council, said: “BCP Council is currently working hard on sustainable transport options to help reduce congestion and to address the climate and ecological emergency.”