THE remaining gas holder at Poole's Bourne Valley is finally being dismantled.

Two of the three gasometers were taken down last year, but this, the third and final structure, has been the one most visible to passersby.

Yesterday, a crane was in the middle of the structure and at least one of the upper sections had already been removed.

It has towered over the local area for decades and its removal has provoked mixed feeling from residents.

Neighbour Gary Waldron said: "Well here goes what will soon be only a memory of Poole.

"The last Bourne Valley gasometer is going as we speak. The gas torch is glowing and the crane is lifting down large sections.

"I know there are mixed feelings about these but my front window looks directly at them and I'll miss them."

Another resident told the Daily Echo: "I think it will be a shame to see them go actually. They've been part of the local landscape for as long as I can remember.

"But I am sure everyone will get used to the view in time."

Last November demolition crews worked to remove the other two gasometers from the site.

Resident Glen Bennett, who filmed one of the towers coming down at that time, said: "I've lived here for thirteen years and I've only ever seen one of them being used, just the once.

"There is now only one left standing to the left. I watched the one behind my house being taken down.

"Some see them as an ugly monstrosity, others as beautiful landmarks of industrial revolution.

"Anyway, either way, it marks a milestone in Poole’s history that these historical structures are no more."

The holders are owned by Southern Gas Networks (SGN).

They are being dismantled as part of a national programme.

While SGN say they are unaware of any future plans for the site, a scheme to build a 60-bed care home and business units was mooted two years ago as part of the Poole Local Plan.

However, no official proposals have been submitted to BCP Council for redevelopment.

Most of the site lies within 400 metres of heathland which has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

On March 27, 1941, the staff canteen at the Bourne Valley Gas Works was hit by a German bomber and 33 gas workers were killed in the tragedy.

It is believed the bombers were targeting the railway viaducts nearby.

Bronze plaques bearing the casualty's names are installed inside St Aldhelm's Church in Branksome but calls have been made in the past for a memorial at the site of the gas holders.