LOCALLY-BASED rock band Saints of Sin formed in 2013. Since then, they have been busy delivering their unique brand of pop-tinged rock and their energetic stage show to audiences across the UK. Now they’re getting ready to play their biggest headline gig to date at The Old Fire Station in Bournemouth.

I caught up with the fun foursome during a break from rehearsing. When you see them together, the chemistry and camaraderie that is so much a part of their live performance is just as evident when they’re off stage. I asked them about their great bond and what contributes to it.

Rui (front man): "We’ve been friends for such a long time. Josh, Sparx and Ash were at school together and then me and Josh met at uni. From the beginning we’ve all aimed for the same goal. There’s no selfishness in our relationship as band members."

Ash (bassist): "Me and Sparkky being brothers has something to do with it too. We were always really close growing up. We liked hanging out together. We never had that ‘older brother/irritating younger brother’ thing!"

Sparxx (lead guitar): "Well, he was a bit irritating…! But, yeah, we all just love playing the music and being on stage together. We hope we pass that onto the audience."

*You have to get on well when you gig and travel as much as these boys do. They’ve recently been on tour with American super-group Lost Angels. How was that? Have there been any developments as a consequence?

Josh (drummer): "Well, we got to play some amazing venues like Bannermans in Edinburgh and Night Train in Bradford. We had a great response from the audience and the venues and we got on brilliantly with the Lost Angel guys. We learned so much from them…and man, those guys could party too!"

Rui: "We’ve kept in touch with them. When we were on tour, their singer, Eric Dover, kept joking about wanting to be a Lord. So, we bought him a Lordship and sent the deeds over to him. He loved it! They’re really keen to get us over to gig in the States later this year or early next."

*Saints of Sin's new self-titled album released late last year has been met with great critical acclaim. With it, the band has developed a more eclectic sound, drawing on pop and hip-hop as well as their rock roots, giving their music an even wider appeal. Sparxx is the main songwriter. I asked him about his songwriting process.

Sparxx: "I can be inspired by anything, everything and nothing. Inspiration is spontaneous and fleeting. If I'm suddenly hit with a musical idea, I'll drop what I'm doing and find a way to memorise it before it floats away. I feel our music is only just starting to show some broader influences from all forms of music... And TV too - I'm a big fan of movies and pop culture. There's even been times where songs have come to me in my sleep - We're On Fire, Forever and The End Of Time all came to me in dreams. Once I have the rough elements, I bring a demo to rehearsal and then we all jump on board to bring the song to life, with everyone putting their own stamp on it. The fact that everyone contributes to the final version of a song may go some way to explain how each band member receives an equal share of the limelight. It’s not just about the lead guitarist or the singer. A rare thing in a band."

Ash (looking at Josh): "Yeah, and that’s difficult to do if you’re the drummer! Seriously, we all love performing and each one of us gives it everything."

Rui: "Right from the word go, we wanted to put on a show otherwise people might as well just put on the CD and not bother to come out and see us. If we had the budget, I’d parachute in!"

Sparxx: "Yeah, we add things to our songs live too and involve our audience."

Josh: "And we have the best audience and super fans that any band could hope for. They bring us cakes, get tattoos of our logo and do crazy things like fly to Edinburgh to surprise us! This level of band activity takes a lot of organising. Who’s responsible for all that?"

Ash: "We run everything ourselves. In some ways it’s great to have the freedom and independence but we’re now at the point where we could do with some proper management, a person or company with the contacts to take us to a higher level."

Rui: "Yeah, if we had a wish list for this year it would be to get management…"

Josh: "…and to play at some really big-ass festivals…"

Sparxx: "…and do a support tour for a major act – and not confined to rock either."

Ash: "…and a new band van – sharing with these dudes from Bournemouth to Scotland is one long uncomfortable trip!"

*Saints of Sin play The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth BH8 8AD on Friday, February 21. Tickets cost £10 and are available from oldfirestation.co.uk. Age 14+ Doors open at 6.30pm.