YELLOW Buses is pulling out of Poole Bus station because of the behavioural problems endemic in the station with feral youths running riot and normal passengers frightened to access their bus station.

This has been an ongoing problem for at least the last five years.

The police have been intolerably derelict in their duty to the public for all this time by turning a blind eye to the problem, only turning up after the event after an incident and not having a permanent presence at the station.

Poole council previously, and now the new united authority, have also been derelict in their duty to taxpayers for not insisting that there be a permanent presence at the station.

The media have not been pro-active enough in demanding of our law enforcement actually do something.

In the meantime, ordinary citizens are fearful of their lives and well-being when travelling on public transport.

What has become of us when a local bus company declares that the local bus station is too dangerous for passengers and staff?

This is absolutely intolerable, our senior police need to be culled and removed from office for sheer incompetence and replaced with those who actually reflect public opinion and do as they are paid to do, protect the public.


Charlotte Close, Poole