IN China, a site was cleared and a 1,000-bed hospital built from scratch in just over a week and will be fully commissioned in a couple of days.

In Wallisdown Road, Poole, a 400 yard stretch of pavement being (unnecessarily) converted to a cycle way, is still unfinished five weeks over the originally published time of 20 weeks.

Some five years ago, SGN undertook replacing 500 yards of gas piping in another stretch of Wallisdown Road – that took six months.

Both these local tasks have enjoyed good weather conditions so were not held up by nature. While not wishing to impose the Chinese planning regulations or workers’ rights here, maybe a few more workers on site for more than just a few hours per day, maybe for six full days a week, might just improve productivity, reduce vehicle pollution and general inconvenience.

Where have the management skills gone in which Britain was so proficient?


Talbot Village, Poole