MIKE Golding insists "the door will always remain open" for Antonio Lindback to return to Pirates following confirmation the former Grand Prix star has definitely retired from speedway.

Swedish media reports say the Rio Rocket "is set to take up alpine freestyle skiing, a sport where he has been successful in the past".

They also stress the Poole Castle Cover asset "has been considering quitting (speedway) since June or July, and no longer has an active interest in the sport".

Lindback's decision to quit at only 22 came after he suffered personal problems and his form while on loan at Belle Vue dipped dramatically this season.

Golding said: "Antonio brought so much entertainment I think everyone is feeling such disappointment for him and his family that events seemed to put a halt to his speedway career.

"We can only hope it is a temporary halt and he can come back and entertain us again.

"He is a rider with great natural talent, ability and natural balance, so he can make a success of being a ski instructor or freestyle skier.

"But I think racing is in his blood and I'm sure one day he will consider coming back into speedway again.

"If he does, the door is still open at Poole for his return.

"He is still on our retained list, so, given the right circumstances, we would obviously encourage having him back.

"It is a pity he wasn't able to come over and complete the last league match for Belle Vue which would have given him a truer average (for the future).

"Having said that, we all know he is a 7.50-8.00 rider anyway.

"We also know if his mind and body is right he can certainly come back as an Elite League heat leader."

  • Poole's Chris Holder begins his Australian campaign by lining up in the Victorian Championship at Mildura tomorrow.