A SCOREBOARD secured underneath a digital speed indicator sign in Poole has been condemned by police and officials.

The hand-written sign which appears to list drivers, vehicles and the speeds shown by the Speed Indicator Device (SID), presumably as they drove past, was erected in Sea View Road.

When the Echo investigated, yesterday morning, the sign was still there – but residents were unable to shed any light on why or who was behind it.

Not all vehicles listed have a speed in excess of the legal 30mph limit. Aside from one entry of ‘too fast’ the speeds range from 20mph up to 69mph.

However, a Dorset Police spokesman said the force would condemn anything that could encourage motorists to drive at excessive speeds.

Meanwhile, BCP Council said: “Dorset Police coordinate volunteer community speed watch teams, where local residents can carry out informal speed checks that trigger police follow-up.

“We would encourage residents to consider forming one of these groups rather than putting up signs that could put them at legal risk if there were a serious incident.”

One Parkstone resident told the Echo: “If it is what it looks like, like these are boy racers keeping score, then it needs to come down and come down quickly.

“It is not hard to see how something like this could be linked to an accident.

“I have no idea who is writing on it though, it may be someone living nearby who thinks they are doing something good by highlighting bad drivers.”

Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) are placed in locations that have been identified, often by local communities, as areas where there are concerns over road safety, Dorset Police says.

The police spokesman added: “We would strongly urge motorists to adhere to speed limits in these areas, as we would in any area, and drive with due care and consideration.

“We would condemn anything encouraging motorists to drive at excessive speeds.”

BCP Council has a number of SIDs that it deploys on a rotational basis.

A council spokesman said: “Nationally, evidence suggests that these can reduce drivers’ speed by 1-2mph and road casualties by 5-10per cent.

“Our engineers will be reviewing the maximum speed displayed on the SIDs.

“Excessive speed is a significant cause of death and serious injury on our roads, and we would urge drivers to respect other road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, by keeping within the speed limit – and to consider the potentially disastrous consequences of speeding.”