A GROUP of Bournemouth University students are producing an ambitious feature length film in Bournemouth.

The film, 'A Fluorescent Sky', aims to shine a light on local businesses struggling to compete against corporate chains while emphasising the ever-changing High Streets.

It follows Hector, a widower who owns a corner shop with his young daughter Cleo.

Hector battles for his store's survival against the new 'Hypermark' opening, as his daughter longs for life beyond the shop walls.

Co-writer and director Harry Tomlin explained his inspiration for the thought-provoking feature film: "The initial idea came from when I walked past a corner shop and saw a father and daughter behind the counter. I thought it was a very unique concept to write about.

"I wanted to raise awareness of the people behind the counters of the shops that are closing down."

For Harry and the 'A Fluorescent Sky' team, this topic is important to everybody, particularly those in Bournemouth and Poole who are witnessing the closure of many shops and businesses in their towns.

High Street closures don't just affect the consumer's lives, but those who keep the wheel of the shop turning.

Harry said: "There are people behind the shops who are at the heart of the community. People forget that it's not just the shop and the products that are affected by closure."

The young filmmakers want the film to stand on its own feet by illustrating the interesting yet topical subject.

In order for the film to be produced, the 'A Fluorescent Sky' team need help from the public.

At the start of February, a Crowdfunding page will be set up to help attain the £4000 that is required for the film.

Harry explained why people should donate: "We want to create a film that we're proud of and something that represents this current issue well. We are going to show the stories that people are telling in the local area."

Despite everyone wanting to achieve a good grade at the end of it, the filmmakers hope to challenge themselves while demonstrating an issue many people in High Streets face.

"A feature film hasn't yet been done at our university, so we wanted to challenge ourselves," Harry explained.

"It's a learning process for us all."

To find out more about 'A Fluorescent Sky' and the young, local filmmakers behind the film, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fluorescentskyfilm/ where you will also find updates and information.

Alternatively, you can email: fluorescentskyfilm@gmail.com