TRAFFIC issues, a lack of affordable housing and maintenance of the ‘streetscene’ were the top concerns for residents in Christchurch, according to a survey carried out by the town council.

A report to the full Christchurch Town Council meeting, which took place on Friday, said a total of 675 responses were received during the two-month period, providing a ‘snapshot’ of how residents feel.

The report said there was “clearly conveyed sentiment” about the roads in and out of Christchurch, along with the congestion that follows.

The town council is not the highway authority but could set aims and objectives that the more locally-focussed authority could aspire to.

This includes clean-air initiatives, moving towards being carbon neutral and working more closely with schools.

The other issues that came to the fore in the survey were an “expressed dissatisfaction” with affordable homes provision in the town, primarily in the town centre.

A third concern was the state of pavements, with litter, upkeep and dog fouling complaints

The majority of survey responses, some 54 per cent, came from people aged over 60. Just eight responses came from under-20s.