IN every era throughout history, there has always been opposition to technological change.

Luddites are as relevant today as they were in 1811 with the key difference that modern Luddites are able to spread their message of fear and opposition more effectively through the technology they so passionately campaign against.

With the rollout of 5G, the fear of technology rises once more. It is important to understand the facts before jumping to any conclusions.

Despite the arguments and health fears given in recent months, including those in this very paper, there is no medical evidence that 5G is dangerous. 5G will be using wavelengths that have long been used by other organisations. They are tried and tested. The “new” wavelengths used are either defunct Ministry of Defence wavelengths or those that were historically used for terrestrial television channels. They have been in service for many years causing no abnormal health implications.

It is also important to remember that these wavelengths are within the “visible light” spectrum that we are exposed to every day without harm. There is no reason for it to suddenly start harming us just because we are putting the wavelengths to different use. The use of acceptable wavelengths for communications have been set for decades and the new 5G network will not go beyond the boundaries set.

So please, when reading, writing and discussing 5G networks, think rationally, with all the facts and ignore the Luddites, they were wrong about the health implication of television, mobile phones, 4G networks and so many more. Form your opinions from articles based in reliable facts, known sources, not unreliable and unfounded fears.


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