HOW utterly depressing to see yet another major store in Poole High Street closing.

Both the the previous councillors and some of the staff were totally out of their depth when faced with the downturn in High Street trading.

Certain councillors seemed to be more concerned with getting their names and photos in the papers rather than doing what they were elected to do – namely look after the interests of our town.

Their arrogance in proceeding with their policy of closing public toilets and hiking parking charges against with wishes of residents showed just how out of touch they were and let’s not forget they reaped their reward at the last local election.

In the past few months I have been to Cupar, a lovely town in Scotland, and to Mold, another lovely town in North Wales.

In Cupar there is a huge free car park and in the car park there are free clean toilets. In Mold there is also a huge car park and the charge is £1.40 for all day parking. There are also free toilets.

In both towns the streets were busy and there were no boarded up shops.

Contrast that with Poole where I recently paid £4 for less than four hours’ parking.

I fear the present BCP council will fare no better from what I see and hear.


Dorchester Road, Oakdale