INNOVATORS of post punk and new wave during their eighties heyday, much-loved artists, Toyah, 61, and Hazel O’Connor, 64, are delighted to join forces to bring forth their new tour, Electric Ladies of the 80s.

It calls in at the Tivoli, Wimborne, on April 18.

Two of the most recognisable artists of the modern era, Toyah and Hazel have a combined back catalogue of around 60 albums as well as a number of television and film credits between them dating back to the late seventies.

Initially meeting when auditioning for Breaking Glass in 1980, alongside Kate Bush, the careers of the two musicians have ran somewhat parallel without actually crossing paths, until now.

It was a benchmark role for Hazel for which she won the Variety Club Award and the accompanying soundtrack also saw her nominated for a BAFTA award. Ever prolific, Hazel continues to produce new sounds and recently released the acclaimed album, Hallelujah Moments.

Speaking of their finally hitting the road together Hazel giggled: “Toyah and I, we just work together, although it’s taken us forty years to do this.

“We finally get the opportunity to do it and it’s great; I always love watching her perform, she’s certainly the roadmap of my life and her music has always been a part of it.

“We know it’ll work as we’ve already rehearsed it as well so we’ll see what happens on the night but it’ll be a laugh and it’ll be four sisters together instead of the three I am now (with Sarah and Claire).”

One of the most recognisable faces in UK pop culture, Toyah has clocked up an impressive ten hit singles and eight hit albums, including the gold-selling Anthem and her most recent chart success, In The Court of the Crimson Queen. As an acclaimed actress, Toyah has performed the world over including a role in the legendary Who film, Quadrophenia, in which she played the party animal, Monkey.

Eager to learn from Hazel and let their music flow as one, together Toyah enthused: “I’m wildly excited for this.

“I’m going to go out there and learn so much from her, Hazel’s timing and phasing is phenomenal, she can pull me into her rhythm.

“We’ll be doing some of our own repertoires, some original arrangements, and some new material.

“Expect it to be a very upbeat show, very musical and nostalgic, and above all, great to watch.”

Consisting of duets, and a few surprises, the pair will engage a 14 date tour from Basingstoke to Edinburgh alongside a full, electric band and will perform classics such as Thunder In The Mountains, Eight Day, It’s A Mystery, Will You, I Want To Be Free, D-Days and more.

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