ACTOR and comedian Jack Whitehall is not only hilarious, he knows how to put on a spectacular show.

Following not one but two support acts, the Fresh Meat star swept onto stage heralded by a dazzling display of dancers, smoke and pyrotechnics.

The blue eyed comic kicked off his first set with a critique of his least favourite invention - the ineffectual hotel toaster.

Anecdotes about performing at the annual Prince Charles Christmas party followed, proving Whitehall has reached a giddy height of fame.

His jokes spanned a wide range of material, from poking fun at himself, to vegan bashing and differences between British people and Americans.

Jack’s show ‘Travels with my Father’, which follows him and father Michael around the world, is a huge hit, and this is a source of comedy gold.

It is so popular, Jack found his posh, dry father filling in his occupation as ‘national treasure’ on a form.

Jack’s account of the pair’s misfortunes in Chernobyl on one trip had the BIC crowd rolling about with laughter.

He certainly has plenty of fans here.

This ‘Jack Whitehall Stood Up’ tour came to the BIC just last month and last night’s performance will be followed by two today (WEDS).

Jack is not superhuman. He stumbled and lost his train of thought at one point, but if anything the audience loved him the more for it, laughing along with him.

The evening was topped off with an incredible musical number (apparently written with the help of Lloyd Weber and Rice) in which Jack took the starring role.

This was an amazing show: top marks.