ARE we in Bournemouth facing a council which is determined to stop cars from entering the town centre?

Or maybe introducing a congestion charging zone like the charge for driving in London?

I fear that there is a plan afoot to abolish cars in at least the centre of Bournemouth. If so then the council will cause massive, irrevocable damage to our local economy.

It is true that the world must reduce its carbon dioxide emissions if global warming is to be reversed.

The UK is responsible for just one per cent of CO2 emissions. Meanwhile China burns coal and is hell bent on its plan of global domination regardless of consequences, of pollution and global warming. They just do not care.

The USA is not far behind. Meanwhile the UK has done more than almost any other country to generate electricity from non-CO2 sources, having virtually ceased to use coal, despite our massive coal resources.

Wind and solar power are more significant here that anywhere else in the world.

Those who refuse to understand that the UK is doing what is right, but it is other countries who are at fault, just close their ears to the facts.

The consequences of global warming will be felt everywhere, but as a low lying maritime nation we stand to suffer more than most. Gesture politics needs to end. We will not solve the problem by throttling business in the UK while other countries studiously refuse to face up to responsibilities.

Perhaps if we refused to buy products which were made with "dirty" electricity then that would help.

Much can be done to help to decarbonise the economy but it has to be on a world-wide basis.

I am 80 so will not be here to see the disaster of global warming. I want to see the right measures put in place now, to prevent armageddon for my children and grandchildren.

We may do the right thing, but unless other countries are forced to behave responsibly, it is a waste of time talking about global warming and its consequences.


Brackendale Road, Bournemouth